Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

The Code Enforcement Department provides and coordinates various services to citizens:


The City’s Code Enforcement staff responds to potential violations of the City, City Ordinances and International Building Codes which includes property maintenance, water quality, recreational vehicle parking and storage, zoning regulations, signs, and home occupations. When a violation is identified, the responsible parties are contacted and requested to abate the violation.

If the respondent fails to comply with the City codes, the City issues warnings to the violator giving the respondent every opportunity to voluntarily comply. If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, a citation is issued and the City Prosecutor may prosecute the case.

The department also:


Be a Partner

You can make the City of Cottonwood Shores a better place to live, work and play by following these steps to help resolve code compliance issues in your neighborhood:

Get involved by attending neighborhood association meetings. 

Report Code Enforcement Concerns

If you would like to report a code enforcement concerns, please call the Code Enforcement Line at (830) 265 – 1875 our website and go to the Department section, select Code Enforcement and fill out a complaint form.

When a caller reports a code violation or has questions about a code violation case at city hall, a staff member will transfer the caller to a Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) if they are available. If the CEO is not available, the CEO has an voice mail. When the CEO receives the message, and if the caller's name and/or telephone number is left, the CEO will return the call. If no name or number is left, but the address of where the alleged violation occurs is left, the CEO will put the address into a computer tracking system. If the call concerns a serious health or safety issue, the alleged violation is required to be investigated the same day the call is received. Otherwise it is prioritized and will be investigated within 48 hours.

If a violation is found enforcement action is taken. There is a progressive ladder of enforcement that ranges from verbal warnings to written citations. If the action deals with property upkeep, the property owner is responsible for compliance. They are sent written notification with a specific compliance time. If the violation deals with parking or sanitation, the vehicle owner or utility customer is responsible for compliance.

All enforcement actions that require warnings or enforcement letters are filed according to date and kept for the required time frame as outlined by the state law. Citations are kept at Municipal Court under the same requirements.

Reporting of a violation can be completed anonymously. If a violation is reported and the reporting party (RP) wants contact, they must leave a call back name and number.

For more information about these codes or to report a code violation please call the Code Enforcement Office at 9830) 265 - 1875