Waste Management is the trash service provider for the City of Cottonwood Shores.

They will pick up trash on every Thursday of each month unless reset for a holiday

Your trash/garbage can lid must be closed for them to pick it up. If you pile items on top or beside the can it will not be picked up.

The trucks use an automated are and if the trash is piled by the can the driver will not pick the trash up.

All of the drivers have camera equipment on the trucks which take photos of each violation and this is sent to the office. They also can see if a can was left out or not.

Broken Carts:

If you have a broken cart call city hall and inform them of the broken cart. They can arrange to have a repair on your cart or replaced if needed.

Bulk Trash:

Bulk Trash is picked up on the third (3rd) Monday of each month. There is a list on items that can be picked up as well as items that will not be picked up. Please check the list for items you have.

Extra Carts:

If you decide you need an additional cart they are available at an additional charge per month. Contact city hall for details and costs.