Water Utilities

Water Distribution

The water distribution system ranges in size from two-inches in diameter to eight inches in diameter.  Static water pressure on the system ranges from 35 psi to 125 psi.  

All mains and appurtenances are installed in accordance with applicable codes adopted by the City Council.  Actual construction is performed by the City or private contractors as circumstances warrant.


Installation of water connection (taps) and service connections from the main to a point outside of the meter set is performed by employees of the Water Department or a contractor approved by the Director of Public Works and Water Utilities.


A charge is made by the Department for each new tapping of the water mains for a connection.  This charge is determined by the size of the connection and the size of the meter.


The department bears full responsibility for maintenance of the water distribution system through the customer's meter.  The property owner is responsible for remedies of water problems on private property.


Wastewater Collection

The function of this department is to safely and efficiently collect and transport spent wastewater from the residences, businesses, and industries, from the point of use to the point of treatment.  This is accomplished by an effective team of employees operating within State, Federal, and local rules and regulations.  


The department is responsible for making repairs to the system pipelines and appurtenances, performing preventative maintenance cleaning, adjusting manholes, cleanouts, and other components with cost efficiency and service infiltration admitted to the system to reduce treatment costs and increase efficiency.  The department personnel also maintain safety standards for trench and confined space entry to the sewers and protect public health by reducing sewer spills.  Installation of sewer connections (taps) and service connections from the main to the property line or point of user connection is also performed only by employees of the Department of Water Utilities or a contractor approved by the Department.


For more information contact:


Director of Public Works - Water Utilities/Drainage/Streets

Water Utilities

3808 Cottonwood Drive

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Our Water Utilities employees are committed to providing superior drinking water as well as timely and outstanding customer service. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of our staff.